Someone Else’s Eyes


There is a lot I still want to share about David’s services, but emotionally, I’m just not ready. I’ll go back and share that at some point in the future, but for now I just have to share what I can. That would be my thoughts from today.

Teenagers get a bad rap frequently. They tend to be self-centered, which is a trait I can relate to. It’s hard to think about other people. To put yourself in someone else’s shoes and try to see things from their point of view.

Under normal circumstances, that is hard. When you are grieving, it is darn near impossible. I guess that’s why I’ve been so impressed by the remarkable things that teens – and adults – are doing to honor David’s memory.

At the end of school, for some the end of senior year, they have put their lives on hold to honor their fallen friend. To wear grey, which let’s face it, is a boring color. To write touching tributes. To plan events. To promise to keep up this fight against brain cancer in honor and in memory of David.

I am humbled. I am awed. I am thankful. To me, this shows love. Not just for David but for his entire family. David isn’t forgotten. Our pain is shared by many. It really helps to know that he is living on in so many caring people. So thank you – each and every one of you – who have made David part of you. We will fight this battle on his behalf, and we won’t rest until there is a cure.

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