Interesting perspective on dying young. Perhaps you need a little distance to see things this way, but I like to think of people dying surrounded by examples of the goodness they brought into this world.

Ten Minute Missive

My neighbor is dying.

Actually, they all are, but he knows his death is coming sooner than later. It is terribly sad, a young man and father dying of a brain tumor.

I bumped into him at the grocery store last week and this morning, as I wheeled my cart past where we’d stopped and chatted, I thought about him, our conversation, and hostas.

You see, as much as this young man is my neighbor, before last week, I’d never spoken to him. Not once. He lives a street over and a few blocks south of me and our paths simply never crossed before. His kids go to the schools my kids have attended – his oldest is a year behind my Middlest at school, and I run or walk past his house every day.

And yet I’d never met him. Then, a few months ago people started talking about…

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  1. I realize, too late it seems, how irreverent and dismissive my words must have seemed to someone who knows in ways I do not, the agony of losing a child. I apologize for that.


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