Make ‘Em Laugh


My vanity card for Chuck Lorre:
This world is a crazy place – not always in a good way. But there are some rare people in this world who try to make it better for the rest of us. Who, despite their own trials, just try to make the rest of us laugh. Obviously, the people who make sitcoms have this as a goal. But so did one very special teenager. David Pearson was a huge Big Bang Theory fan. He would regularly order a “Diet Virgin Cuba Libre” just to make people smile. He made up some hand motions to the theme song. He made sure all of his friends who came over watched the show. It was his way of making sure they all knew about the show so they would have something to make them smile when they needed it. As David’s time on this earth drew to a close, BBT was of great comfort to him. We watched it with him nonstop, literally for hours. Episodes he had seen many times, but they still made him laugh. Still transported him to a place where there wasn’t pain and sickness. He was so proud of Jim Parsons’ Stand Up To Cancer ad. It was funny AND it brought awareness. He loved that. David left this world on May 11, 2012, but I know he’s watching over us and wanting us to laugh. So thank you, Chuck Lorre, for your many shows that make us laugh. It is healing in its own way. And until we can find a way for comedy to heal cancer, I ask that everyone find a way to fight to put a stop to this horrible disease. David had brain cancer, so that’s our battle, and we invite the fans to unite with us to fight brain cancer. Join the fight on the web at If you choose to make a donation, tell them it’s because of David and Big Bang Theory.

One thought on “Make ‘Em Laugh

  1. Hi,
    I also have brain cancer, diagnosed in 2009. Another good show about cancer is “The Big C” on Showtime. It’s a lighthearted comedic drama is the best way I can describe the show. And, I’m Sorry for your loss.


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