Tonight, for me, was a beautiful reminder that God is gonna put you where you need to be when you need to be there. We had dinner with new friends who were gracious hosts and let us talk… And if you know us, you know that means let me talk. We were blessed to be in their home. Part of their world for a few lovely hours.

When we got home, I was reflecting on that and this song came to mind. It is by Rich Mullins, and the lyrics go like this:

“Talkin’ Daniel in the den of the lions
Talkin’ Jonah in the belly of a whale
Talkin’ three Hebrew children
And they’re standing in a furnace, fiery furnace

But the fire didn’t burn them, and the lions didn’t bite
And the Lord reached down and you can be sure that
Everything turned out right
Oh you’ll meet the Lord in the furnace
A long time before you meet Him in the sky

Meet Him in your time of trial
Meet Him in your hour of prayer
You can reach out and I’ll bet
That you’ll find that He’s right there ”

He is right there. He has been with me every moment. Through the hard times and the good times. And maybe it is by trusting Him through the “fire” that we know He is also there with us in the good times. A constant companion. He never leaves us. That may be the greatest comfort of all.

2 thoughts on “Blessings

  1. “Oh you’ll meet the Lord in the furnace
    A long time before you meet Him in the sky”


    I like this lyric. I really, really like this lyric. My wife and I share a blog we’ve been keeping since the doctors discovered a glioma in her brain six weeks ago. Now I’m poking around looking for people who’ve had similar experiences.

    I agree with you. God never leaves us. I believe He’s trying to teach us not to “leave” ourselves or the ones we love. From our human perspective, there are good situations and bad situations, good things and bad things. We embrace the good and shun the bad. Not so God. God embraces all.

    We humans want to get out of the furnace and rise to the sky because we’re so convinced that the sky is ‘better’ than the furnace. God doesn’t try to figure out which is ‘better’. God isn’t interested in ‘situations’. He’s interested in us. We think we change. We think we improve or worsen. God just loves us. Always. Though everything.

    Paul Bradford


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