ASMC Conference


This week I attended a conference for work. It is a group of Apple Specialists ( who get together to learn how to make their businesses better. Richard is one of the people who started the group, and I worked for one of the other founders. We used to plan the events that we now only attend. So it is from one step removed that we gathered this week. Our first time back since David died.

These people are our peers but have also become a special kind of family. We’ve experienced a lot together. So when our friend and the group Executive Director, Kevin, said he would like to help honor David’s memory, we were touched. When he asked if I would speak to the group about David, we were humbled. Many of our friends in this group have suffered heartaches, but it is a testament to David’s loving and kind spirit that they chose him as a rallying point. For you see, this wasn’t just to tell his story, but also to pull everyone together into an awareness and fundraising campaign to cure brain cancer.

Kevin developed a plan to bring together our dealers, local musicians, and the local communities (around the US and Canada) to raise money for brain cancer research. Each participating Apple dealer will plan an event (with our help and support) and the community will have a wonderful evening of entertainment while helping a most worthy cause.

I spoke for a few minutes about David, and the wonderful doctors, nurses, and researchers we met along the way. I was able to inform everyone that not only do we not know what causes brain cancer, we also don’t have a lot of good treatments for it. It was emotional, but I can’t imagine a more supportive crowd.

On a side note, a very important Apple executive was scheduled to speak that morning, and he graciously spoke at a later time so that the largest possible crowd would be assembled to hear our message. He later said I was a “tough act to follow”. That’s the highest praise I’ve ever received for any kind of public speaking, and while it may not be completely true, I’m still gonna take it!

After the presentation, I was so thankful that so many of the members reached out to me about this cause. They genuinely want to help, and they are so excited to focus their efforts together to combat this often fatal form of cancer.

There will be more information coming about these events as we get closer to May, but if you are interested in helping to plan an event, please let me know. Volunteers will be a key part of the success, and since the events will be all around, there’s a good chance one will be near you!

2 thoughts on “ASMC Conference

  1. I am so proud of you & your work & the WONDERFUL mom you are & were to David. No one stood by him like you & Richard. I thank him for standing by you ( one of a kind) I wish I were closer to help, before & now but I truly have my hands full right now. I am here if you ever need me Love ya’ll much


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