Christmas Parade


Last night was the Christmas Parade in Fredericksburg, VA. It’s a big deal in a small town, and Spotless Mind was excited to be invited to walk with a local business’ entry. (A big thanks to Brandonbilt Foundations and Concrete Construction!)

The kids were excited to participate, but also kind of bummed that they weren’t allowed to throw out candy or anything like that. They made their banners and did their planning, and somewhere along the way, they decided to wear their “Hug Like David” t-shirts. I’m not sure if this next part was a conscious decision or if it happened spontaneously, but when the parade started, our “Hug Like David” kids started hugging people along the route.

I’m told that the crowd started looking for our group to get a hug. They said it was amazing and that it really felt like Christmas with all that love.

I wish I had been there to see it first hand, but I wasn’t. Neither was Catherine, the Spotless Mind president from last year. And that, to me, is a pretty big deal. That this group decided to stay a group and continue doing this work in memory of David and in honor of those still in the fight.

I hope each of you get the chance to “Hug Like David” today.



3 thoughts on “Christmas Parade

  1. It was most definitely spontaneous. Prior to the parade, the kids were discussing what they should do. Just walk? Dance? No answer was settled on. Then the parade started and the hugging began as if it were meant to be. Teresa and I walked in the back to keep up with the kids that were slow due to excessive hugging. It was an amazing sight. Jimmy called it ‘Merican. Definitely a new tradition for the Fredericksburg Parade and Spotless Mind.


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