Child-like enthusiasm


I always told my kids that I would love them no matter what, but I really hoped that they would also turn out to be people I could like. When you really like someone, it is usually because they have personality traits that you enjoy. David had that in spades. He was always fun to be around, and I guess I never spent a lot of time analyzing why.

One of the reasons why, sort of snuck up on me this week. I’m traveling for work with a colleague, Jacob. We’ve definitely spent some “quality time” together this week, and last night at dinner I had an “ah ha” moment. Jacob has this wonderful, youthful enthusiasm and appreciation that is fun to be around. He was expressing his appreciation of the restaurant and its owner, and the way he did it reminded me so strongly of David that I had to stop for a moment.

It was a simple thing that had happened. We were the last customers at this locally owned pizza shop, Nick & Willy’s, and the owner stopped cleaning to thank us. We talked for a minute, told him we liked his place and his food, and left. People have encounters like that every day. But I was impressed with the owner, and so was Jacob. But Jacob expressed it in such a way that it made the whole experience more fun. David did that. He took ordinary things and made them extraordinary. Better yet, he took ordinary people and made them feel like rock stars. That is a really special gift.

As you go through your day today, try to find something you can enthusiastically appreciate. And show it. You’ll make someone’s day.

2 thoughts on “Child-like enthusiasm

  1. I have never thank you properly but I will always cherish the Mother’s Day card that you got for me. For you to think of me in the middle of all that was going on is amazing. I was honored that you did that. You are really the only one that truly recognized my first Mother’s Day. Thank You.


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