Busy means a lot of different things to different people. Lately, “busy” for me means being fairly constantly active with work and home projects. Depending on the day, I will gravitate toward thinking or non-thinking projects, but there are so many things to do it hardly seems to matter what I pick.

Through all the activity, I miss my kids. David’s birthday came and went and we all survived it. Austin wrote about it quite eloquently on Facebook. Kinsley honored his memory by preparing and ultimately delivering gifts to the pediatric unit at our local hospital. I ordered some “birthday cookies” and we shared them with the Spotless Mind kids. Nothing major, but I think he would have approved of it all.

On top of getting our home and company back on track, we are undertaking a fairly large project. We are going to have a concert in May to raise money for brain cancer research. David died in May, so it has special significance for us. The really special thing about it is that a lot of our friends from the Apple community are also planning to have concerts. I’ll post more details as we get them, but I am so honored that David has inspired so many people to become active for brain cancer research.


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