Snowballs in May!


Wear Grey For David

Not sure if you’ve seen the weather, but Kansas had snow on May 2nd. SNOW! In MAY! That’s a little crazy, but it is a good representation of how different THIS May is going to be.

There has been a lot going on for brain cancer advocacy, and it is only the 3rd day of the month! I’m so excited to see the real differences we are making! All day yesterday, I was getting updates on stuff, and I felt like my list from yesterday was inadequate by the end of the day so I made a new list.

Let me remind you that this is just a small sampling of what is going on out there. We are trying to post stuff on the Operation: ABC “Annihilate Brain Cancer” page, but please forgive us if we miss something. Likewise, if you know of something we can help promote, please let us know.

Here’s my updated list of things you can do no matter where you are:

1. Wear Grey. Wear Grey Every Day in May. Ok, you don’t have to wear ALL grey. But wear something grey EVERY day. Tell people why you are doing it. Do it for awareness. For solidarity. Do it to show the world that fighting brain cancer is important. Grey isn’t a very noticeable color (like pink) so it is going to take A LOT of grey to get noticed. But we can do it! #GreyAllMay

2. You can donate via IndieGoGo to make sure the concert is a big success:

3. You buy something in the Origami Owl fundraiser that is going on throughout the month of May:
Origami Owl designer, Karletta Pergeson, has offered to donate 10% of your purchases made between now and May 30th to “Concert For The Cure”. Origami Owl is a unique line of lockets. Every Living Locket™ is custom designed with charms that tell the story of your life and represent the things you love. They even have a grey brain cancer awareness ribbon!

Please place your orders online at There you will find everything you need to design yourself a beautiful locket! The website is set up in an “a la carte” style, where you choose which locket you would like, then pick the chain, charms and plate you want for the inside. And if you choose, you can have dangles to hang outside the locket. Upon check out please select “Concert For The Cure” so that your purchase will be counted.

4. Take a trip! Eaglewings Travels will donate 10% of any bookings in May to Concert for the Cure! You don’t have to travel in May – just book the trip before the end of the month!

How awesome is that? Take a wonderful vacation and know that you are helping others at the same time!
To book, you can email Colleen Atherton, Owner at or call her at

5. Change your Facebook profile pic. If you haven’t seen an image you like, you can find a few here:

6. Go like the Operation: ABC “Annihilate Brain Cancer” page ( It lists events around the country and tries to give a unified voice to the brain cancer family. (Oh yeah, we’re a family. You need everyone you can get to help fight this beast.)

7. Sign up as an advocate with the National Brain Tumor Society ( This is NOT scary. You are adding your name to a mailing list, and they will email you when they need your help. “Help” usually consists of using an online form to write your Congressman and encourage more funding for research. Simple as that.

8. Help make a cool postage stamp that says “Stamp Out Brain Tumors”. All you have to do is sign the petition here:

9. Send a Tweet. Novocure will donate $5 to the Chris Elliott Fund (a charity that helps patients and families with GBM diagnosis and supports brain cancer research) when one of their tweets are retweeted – using the hashtag #TuneIn2GBM Look for them on Twitter, @EndBrainCancer ! Follow them, then retweet our messages that uses the hashtag #TuneIn2GBM.

To retweet: put your mouse over the message. A small menu pops up at the bottom. Click the one that says RETWEET. This will copy our message to all of the people who follow you. Then follow up with that tweet by posting a message to your followers, asking them to retweet the message you just sent.

10. When you do any of the things on this list, you can use #GreyAllMay on Twitter to let people see your activity for brain cancer advocacy.

We’ve made the snowball, now let’s push it down the hill!

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