Tame The Dragon


So proud to have Alexander Moore on our Board of Directors. He talks about Dragon Master Foundation in his blog today, so give it a read!

The New Normal

One of the many cool things about doing this blog is the amazing people that I’ve been able to meet. Many of them affected by Brain Cancer (either themselves or their loved ones). Early on in the journey, I met Amanda, a mom of a teen with Brain Cancer. She contacted me, telling me a little bit about her and her son’s (David) story. I was especially touched by the heart, soul, and attitude of David. When David passed, it blindsided me. I barely knew him, but for some reason his passing sent me over the edge. In an act of despair, I wrote a letter, a plea, just asking for people, anyone who’d listen, to pay attention to the injustices of Brain Cancer. I initially did it just for myself as a tool for catharsis, but as I sat there reading it I decided to post it to Facebook…

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