52 People You Need To Meet


2014 Resolution

With 2013 drawing to a close, I have been wondering what I can do to make 2014 really stand out as a year we draw attention to brain cancer. My son was diagnosed in 2010. He passed away in 2012. And here we are, almost to 2014, and virtually nothing has changed. I mean, I know that my circle of friends is hyper-aware of brain cancer now, but the world at large still isn’t. No new treatments have come along that are helping patients beat this disease. Even today, a little boy is being laid to rest from “Stage 3” brain cancer. I know all cancers are bad. I know. But it is somehow more insidious when it is in their head. When it can’t be touched by surgery or most other treatments. When you can’t see it growing, but it is killing you all the same. I can think of few things more horrible than brain cancer, and since it is the one I’m most acquainted with, it is the one I’m charged with changing. So back to my pondering… How do we make a difference in 2014?

The first thing is make a more regular effort to bring awareness. As you can tell from my posts, I don’t feel inspired to write blog posts every day. Regular posts, however, are the best way to keep brain cancer awareness as a “top of mind” topic. So I had an idea. Why not get some of my friends to help by writing guest posts? It occurred to me that in my caregiver support group, we have over 200 people, so even if they were the only ones who responded, we could fill each week with people to spare. I tossed the idea out to them and the response was overwhelming! So we are on!! Each week in 2014, we will share something with you from this writing prompt:

“What I wish I knew before my_____ was diagnosed with cancer.”

It might be their husband, daughter, best friend, or cousin. It might even be someone they never met!  We want to raise awareness for brain cancer research, but in the process, we think these stories can give families and friends the tools they need to fight together as a team. To ask the right questions. To offer the right comfort. To be on fire for a cure.

These people are all passionate about helping others and raising awareness for cancer research. There will be at least 52 different people with different perspectives who have a message for you. I’m really excited to see what 2014 will hold! I hope you will join us on this journey, and share these posts with your friends.

8 thoughts on “52 People You Need To Meet

    1. Yes, Beth, I woke up to news about Loren this morning. He is the 5th person I know of in the past week that lost their battle with brain cancer. It’s too much! I appreciate all your encouraging words. I know you fight your own battles to better this world! And hope that knee is getting better!


  1. Amanda. I think this a wonderful idea. I lost my daughter in August 2012 to brain cancer. Like you I believe we need to be vocal about our loved ones and the need for more research and awareness. I met you in May at the brain tumor society conference. If you need me to share Megan’s story I would be honored to be one of your 52 blogs. Please let me know and I will share her story with you. I do share your dragon master posts on my Facebook Sue jarvis


  2. Do you know Andrea Yim? Her husband died of brain cancer two years ago and her story is amazing!!! I will tell her about you and see if you can add her to your amazing list! Thanks for doing this. My friends are understanding more and more about cancer because I am also personally touched by this. My husband has stage 4 stomach cancer. -Anna Waters


    1. Hello Anna, nice to meet you. I don’t know Andrea, but I’d be happy to be in touch with her. Being a cancer caregiver is a tough job, and being the one left behind isn’t easier. We need each other and our stories are just one way of connecting. I can be reached via email: Amanda.haddock (at) dragonmasterfoundation.org


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