Stuck in the Hospital


Frequently cancer patients are stuck in the hospital. The hospitals usually do a reasonable job of taking care of the patient’s needs, but caregivers are not always so lucky. I have a friend visiting someone in the hospital today and she asked what to bring to the mom of the sick child.

It is always great if you can get them to tell you what they need. I usually said something like, “I am coming to the hospital today. I’m going to stop at the grocery store and Target on my way. I would love it if you would tell me what I could bring to you.” If they wouldn’t give me an answer, I would just pick out things that I thought might be useful. Off the top of my head, here are my suggestions:

Food and drinks were always appreciated. You’re stuck in the hospital with food that sucks and is expensive. Fruit is good, especially apples and stuff you can just eat without cutting up. Favorite tea or soda. Granola bars. Try to be sensitive to allergies, and it is good to buy organic fruit if you can. (A lot of cancer patients try to eat strictly organic.)

Extra fuzzy socks.

A blanket.



Breath mints.

She might want you to bring stuff from home (change of clothes, etc). Offer to bring stuff back with you.

Quarters for the vending machines.

Gift cards – especially gas or iTunes/Amazon so they can download soothing music, a game, a book, or a movie.

What would you suggest?

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