One of the things I’ve learned on this mourning journey is that a lot of people believe that their deceased loved one can send them signs. I respect all views on this, but personally, I believe my son is in Heaven. I have come to believe that someone (David? God?) also has a way of putting little signs in our paths to give us some comfort. Today, we had a sign like that, and I’d like to share it with you.

We are on our first significant trip with Austin and Kinsley since David passed. I think we have all been quite aware of his absence, but we have been enjoying the trip to London and remembering him through stories. We went to lunch at the Hard Rock Cafe, which was something I’ve done many times with David and Austin. It was Kinsley’s first time at a Hard Rock Cafe, so that was special for us. We were talking about collecting and trading pins with a server who came to our table. She was not our main server; she just happened to bring the salads. She held out her pin lanyard, and I saw what looked like a chef pin. I asked her about it, and she said that it was a fundraiser pin that had only been available for employees to purchase. It was for a chef at the Hard Rock Cafe in Rome(!) who had cancer. My heart skipped a beat. In my 20+ years of collecting Hard Rock Cafe pins, I’ve never seen one with a chef on it. To see one that was created especially for a chef with cancer was overwhelming to me.

If you knew him, you probably know that David wanted to be a chef. He also dreamed of going to Italy to study. I told her about David, and couldn’t even get through the story without crying. She immediately took off the pin and gave it to me. I tried to get her to at least let me trade her for it, but she wouldn’t hear of it.


This is me with Elan after I stopped crying. 😉

So she became the first person outside the US to have a Dragon Master Foundation wristband. And we spend the rest of the day feeling like David was with us in spirit on our trip.


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