Sometimes You’ve Just Got To Stop and Say Thanks


My “to do” list is LONG. Work projects, running a non-profit, and life in general make me a busy gal most of the time. But today, I had to pause in the middle of all that to just say a very public and very heartfelt “THANK YOU!” to the people in my life who believe in me and offer their own special kinds of support.

My family is always behind me encouraging me and helping me accomplish various tasks, and I don’t thank them enough. On top of those blessings, I had two really special people reach out to me today to give their unique support. The first one was a very concrete donation of office supplies and furniture that we can use to set up our offices for Dragon Master Foundation. We don’t even have office space yet, but she had the vision to think of us and make sure we would have everything we would need for 6 different workstations! Everything except computers and phones are taken care of with this one generous donation! I’m so excited to have this part of our office needs met!

The second person let me know that he has mailed a piece of original art that he painted in memory of my son. This particular artist is a great friend that I have not seen in many years. He is someone I have learned a lot from over the years, and I admire him as a person and an artist. I am so touched and honored that he painted something in memory of David. And he emailed me to let me know it is coming, which means I have a few days of eager anticipation! How fun is that?

I guess my point to this post is that we all have gifts to give – big and small. From helping carry supplies in from the car to using your artistic talents to encourage others gifts come in all shapes and sizes. I may not verbalize it enough, but I am very aware of the many gifts that are given to me, and I am very, very grateful. And dare I say… happy. 🙂

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