Let’s make a movie!


I am SO excited about this project. Many of you have encountered Alex’s blog, and you know that he is a wonderful storyteller. What an amazing opportunity to have a brain tumor survivor tell this story in a way that could literally reach millions of people.

I know that people impacted by brain tumors/brain cancer frequently have very limited budgets, but the beauty of crowd sourcing is that you don’t have to give much. Just $5 will make a difference – especially if you then share the link. Please share this link far and wide: Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Blogs, Google+. Anywhere people gather online!

I can’t wait to see this film come to life!

The New Normal


“Sometimes in life you step out in faith and it’s always a scary endeavor”.

I’m about to do something that is very hard for me to do but I know deep down that it will be very rewarding and I’m hoping it could also excite and unite the Brain Cancer community in a unique way. Over the past 8 months or so I’ve been developing a fictional film inspired by my journey with Brain Cancer and have been shopping it around. It’s a comedic (and I think unconventionally heartwarming) take on the Cancer journey, similar to the film “50/50” (that ironically came out in theaters the day I had my second surgery). There has been a ton of interest in and excitement surrounding the idea, but no bites yet.

A couple months ago I was talking with a friend who is a pretty successful industry vet and they encouraged me to…

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4 thoughts on “Let’s make a movie!

  1. Do I understand correctly that you, Amanda are making a movie? Fantastic. If I can help in any way, count me in. Love you, Laura

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    1. It is not me personally. It is a very good friend and one of our board members from the Dragon Master foundation. I feel like the story he is going to tell will be very true to the experiences of those who have fought brain cancer.


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