Every Person To Their Part


This morning I got a message from a brain cancer friend asking about my Facebook profile photo. It features my son, an awareness message and his date of birth and death. It’s very classy, but I didn’t make it. The lady who did, made it for me before we ever met.

Her name is Cindy, and she has made it her mission to make these pics for anyone who wants one. I gave my friend her info, and I’m sure she will make him one – even though they’ve never met.

I have another friend who makes awareness images every day, Monday-Friday. It’s her second job, only nobody pays her. She just does it because it needs doing.

Yet another friend also makes awareness images from her artistic perspective. Others spend extra time on Facebook just answering questions from new caregivers or patients.

I’ve been in the spotlight a little lately, but I wish the world would take the time to see the amazing work being done, one small gesture at a time, by those irreparably changed by the world of brain tumors/brain cancer. It is remarkable.

I wish I had never had a reason to be here, but I am so thankful to be part of this community. A friend of mine likes to quote something David said to her one day. He said to “be a giver not a getter.” I guess that’s how we are blessed to be surrounded by so many givers. It’s part of David’s legacy.

We are coming up on David’s angelversary this weekend. It’s so hard to wait to see him again, but I know he sees us. When he checks in, I want him to see us giving others hope. I want him to see that we remember him and are trying to be as nice to others as he was. (That’s impossible for me, but I try!!) And I want him to see that we are part of a group that is making the world a better place, one small gesture at a time.

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